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Danasylan IBTEO / DC Z-6403

  • CAS No:17980-47-1 triethoxy(2-methylpropyl)silane
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

    FD-IBTEO is an undiluted Isobutyl triethoxysilane of high purity.

    After application to the concrete substrate, FD-IBTEO reacts with the atmospheric moisture which is exposed to acid or alkaline environment and pore water in the substrate, forming a water layer of exclusion, thereby inhibiting the water into the substrate.

    Then the substrate will have good waterproof, anti-Cl -, anti-ultraviolet performance and good air permeability.

    It will prevent the substrate from the corrosion, loose, peeling, mildew-induced lesions caused to the concrete and the interior steel structure due to water seepage, sunshine, rain and sea erosion and it will improve the life of the building.

    The treated substrate with FD-IBTEO will have good water repellent performance and retain the original appearance.

    Alkaline environments, such as pouring concrete, will stimulate the reaction and accelerate the formation of hydrophobic layers.
  • Danasylan IBTEO / DC Z-6403
  • Danasylan IBTEO / DC Z-6403