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1, 2-Bis(Triethoxysilyl) Ethane (BTSE/Y-9805/ET 13)

  • CAS No:16068-37-4 triethoxy(2-triethoxysilylethyl)silane
    Molecular Structure

    Detailed Description

    1, 2-Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane (CAS No. 16068-37-4), Silane coupling agent BTSE, has some application as below:
    1. RTV silicone sealants: To enhance the adhension to the dry or wet surfaces and could form a stronger and weather resistance bond.
    2. Metal surface treatment: The toxic properties of chromates have caused an environmental demand on replacement of the chromium (VI) compound coating processes (chromating). One of the suggested methods is a silane coating. BTSE with bis-silyl functional has six hydrolyzable groups and are believed to be more crosslinked than triand tetra-functional analogs. The enhanced crosslinking leads to better barrier properties in anticorrosion applications.
  • 1, 2-Bis(Triethoxysilyl) Ethane (BTSE/Y-9805/ET 13)
  • 1, 2-Bis(Triethoxysilyl) Ethane (BTSE/Y-9805/ET 13)