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(3-Aminopropyl)silanetriol KH-553/A-1106

    Detailed Description

    KH-553 is an aqueous solution of an aminoalkyl siloxane. This alcohol-free siloxane improves significantly the adhesion and coupling between organic resins and inorganic surfaces.

    Momentive Performance Materials

    KH-553 is most often used in aqueous systems where the alcohol of hydrolysis causes instability of the formulation or where a high flash point additive is required. The product also reduces volatile organic content (VOC) and does not contain hazardous air polluting substances (HAPS).

    These benefits are particularly useful to manufacturers seeking to reduce emissions from their water-borne products and processes.

    Key Features and Typical Benefits

    Amino Functionality: Reacts with many types of resins

    Promotes bonding to many inorganic materials

    Silanol Functionality: Adheres or couples with inorganic materials, such as siliceous fillers, glass and metal substrates

    Contains No Alcohol of Hydrolysis: Easily diluted with water for safer and easier handling Reduced VOC and HAPS emissions without sacrificing performance
  • (3-Aminopropyl)silanetriol KH-553/A-1106
  • (3-Aminopropyl)silanetriol KH-553/A-1106